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All about DJ Charge

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Jungle , D&B, Old Skool
About Me :

I've been listening to 'Rave' music since 1991 the age of 14 and was instantly hooked. The energy the music had was unbelievable. My mates brother used to goto Orange @ Camden Palce and come back with mix tapes and the most amazing stories.

For a couple of years my experiances were limited to swapping tapes at school, collecting flyers and buying the odd bit of vinyl, I didnt have decks but would drive my mum nutts playing Jessica's Jaw, Moog Rmx and Demons Theme on her turntable.

After a couple of years I had to find out what all the fuss was about so NYE '93 I went to my first Rave Dreamscape 8. That night changed my life. I had never witnessed anything so amazing in all my life. The Sound was loud, the lasers hypontising and the Bass.... It was all about those B'lines raing down on me. I used to be into my Happy Hardcore back in those days but the set from Fabio & Rider back to back changed all that. Tunes like Meditation, Paragone rmx, Renagade Snares, Music and of course Helicopter made sure that Jungle was the only direction for me.

Like others on this site Labrynth was my home for the next two years although I used to go on Ajax nights on Fridays, Listening to Residents Kenny Ken, Nicky Blackmarket and Krome. The big raves like World Dance, Helter Skelter and Dreanscape were also favourites.

I bought my first pair of Decks in 1995 with my student loan, My 1200's that I still have to this day were bought in 1997 and are still the best present I have ever bought myself.

Back in the day I Helped set up a Pirate Radio Station Dread fm and as I used to fancy myself as a bit of an MC, neither the Radio Station or the MC'ing lasted too long as mixing became my preferance.

I'm now 31 and still loving this scene and music as much as back in 1991. I still collect tunes and have a healthy collection ranging from 1990 - 2008 which i'm sure you'll hear alot of over the next few months.

My Influences - :
My Dad, My Mates, Randall, Ellis Dee, LTJ Bukem, Grooverider, Doc Scott, Fabio, Hype, Top Buzz, Brockie, Ratty, Slipmatt, Shy FX, Zinc, Micky Finn, Kenny Ken, Nicky Blackmarket, Andy C, MC GQ, Moose, Five O, Det, Hyper D (RIP), Reggae, Ragga, Hip Hop, Don fm, Kool Fm
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Forever The Optimist
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My Son, Jungle/D&B, Clubbing, Manchester United, Travelling
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Liverpool, Lazy People, Taxi Drivers
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All about Reinforced Records @ Turnmills -16th Feb
MetalHeadz Sunday Sessions
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DJ Charge
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