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All about kaosdj/cstproductionz

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Don't have one
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From around 1992
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Garage, DnB, House, Jungle and Hardcore
About Me :
Got in to Dj'ing roughly around 92 playing everything from Hardcore to Jungle, DnB also started playing Garage which is where i made a name for myself more recently House aswell.

Some History behind KAOS.

Started out on Pirate station called Function plating old skool hardcore then moved to Frontline FM and at this time progressed to Jungle.

I then joined up with radio-Active playing Happy Hardcore and Garage. radio-Active then changed to Chicagp FM and this is where i played Garage only.

Due to the success of my weekly show i was dj'ing alot in and around London at venues like the Rocket, Labyrinth, Coleseum HQ's, Space Power House not forgetting Bagley's etc etc etc.

Some of the promotions i'd worked for are Mcmahon Promo (EXPOSURE) Pure Silk Ripe N Ready (Resident) Taste, Detention Under 18s (Own Event) there are so many check out myspace.com/kaosdj for more info.

I've dj'ed along side the likes of EZ, Matt Jam Lamont, Norris da Boss, Mystic Matt, Luck & Neat, Nicklebee, Huckleberry Finn, Phil Good and Ram Mampi Swift, Adam F, Bad Company, again check myspace.

Again i've been quite lucky as i've even had tracks of mine along side my Bruv One Eyed Wonder signed to Warner Music and had them released on a complilation cd done by Oxide and Neutrino (So Solid)

various other station i've dj'ed on are D-Vine, Mac FM, Passsion FM plus Pyro-technic radio (internet)

I'm currently doing a weekly show every Saturday from 4 till 6pm on RAW 1079 fm (Beds) www.raw1079.co.uk
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I was Influenced by radio stations like Sunrise and Phantasy as well as Weekend Rush not forgetting Defection.

And also the mighty Kool FM.
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To Many to Mention
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Arsenal FC
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