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All about dj delirious individual

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im a drum and bass dj,started out back in 1998 when i used to listern to my local radio station raw fm.used to listern to all the time and took a liking to drum and bass with the influences of dj darren p,conflict dynamic and many others along the way.soon after this and a lot of hard work saw me buying two decks and a mixer and started mixing inside my bedroom.frustrated to learn to mix and with no knowladge of how difficult it was but with time and lots of practice it started to pay off and was worth it in the end when i could pull of big mixes like my mentors.to this day i still mix away when i get time with a family on the go aswell but they love it too with is cool.just looking to promote myself now bit more but still not sure how but with time and paticence this will pay off hopefully,just resiently purchaced a cd deck and can play all dubs on cd witch i love. hop-e to bring new styles and adrenaline fuled mixes to the drum and bass scene. big up to all dnb djs and respect to all the dbr crew for all the help,conflict phantom shortcut reflex rc1 ect maximum boooooooost!
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as above conflict,shortcut,phantom,darren p,reflex,rc1,all dbr cst have a massive influence
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dbr shortcut
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rainy days lol
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NU-PERCEPTION friday nights 10-12
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on face book u can view me in the mix back in 07,and also on you tube dj delirious individual in the mix
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dj delirious individual
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